Prices start at 5 strands for $10- one color

10 strands for $20 - two colors

15 strands for $30 - three colors

20 strands for $40- four colors

30 strands for $60- five colors

40 strands for $80- six colors

50 strands for $100- seven colors

60 strands for $120- eight colors

70 strands for $140- nine colors

80 strands for $160- ten colors

90 strands for $180- ten colors

100 strands for $200- ten colors

Pricing is per person and cannot be split between multiple people. First time clients get anywhere between 20-30 strands their first sparkle session.

Little ones start at 5 or 10.

Fairy Birthday Party 

$130/ per hour plus travel fee. 

$50 deposit to reserve date/time


Unlimited guests, unlimited sparkles! 

Glitter Tattoos: additional $55

Note: The deposit is non-refundable if the party is canceled less than 48 hours before the scheduled party.

Fairy hair sparkles are just $2 per fusion, (which hangs down as 2 strands). Most of my clients start with 20+ strands. 


Children under 5 $1 per strand

Host a party and get your sparkles FREE!

A minimum head count is required depending on location. 

Unlimited guest, unlimited sparkles!

Give the gift of Sparkle

Give the gift of Sparkle

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