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Hazell Hurst- Owner/Sparkle Expert

Welcome to Fairy Hair Sparkles! Starting the business four years ago was the beginning of a fulfilling journey. Finding and developing not only a unique skill, but discovering an uplifting and welcoming community, whose only goals are to bring joy and make people smile has been the start of something wonderful.

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My sparkles are fine silk threads made for your hair. Unlike plastic hair tinsel, these magical sparkles are soft, flexible, and lightweight. Not only do my sparkles uplift your smile and self-confidence, but they also take on the personality of any hair shape for a more natural look. Dainty and classy and able to withstand heat from your straightener, curling iron, and blow dryer, they also survive hair coloring, color lifting, and other chemical treatments as well. There are no beads, glues, or loops to avoid when caring for your hair through washing or brushing. I tie each strand to a single individual hair that will last until that individual hair has naturally been shed from your head. With over 20 different colors, I am sure you will find the perfect color, or color combination, to add a little bit of sparkle and fun to your everyday life.

"She leaves a little bit of sparkle wherever she goes"

What People Are Saying

Susan B

"I have had silver strands added to my white hair. They stay in for months. People remember me by my sparkly hair. It's very fun!"

Nicole M

"My daughter & I got our fairy hair last night. We are in LOVE!! She was so quick and so friendly!! We will definitely be getting our hair done again by Hazell!"

Sarah D

"I took my daughter to get Fairy Hair for her birthday in January and I decided to get a few strands put in as well. We both loved it. It’s 6 months later and I still have a strand of fairy tinsel in my hair. So fun"

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