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Hazell Hurst, Owner

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Welcome to Fairy Hair Sparkles by Hazell, where magic meets beauty in every strand! Established in 2019, Fairy Hair Sparkles by Hazell was born out of a dream to bring enchantment and sparkle to the world. Founded in the heart of Lancaster County, my journey began with the unwavering love and support of this wonderful community. Since its inception, I've had the privilege of tying thousands of sparkles into the hair of countless children and adults alike, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. My commitment to spreading joy and sparkle knows no bounds, and I've had the pleasure of partnering with numerous businesses to host pop events and celebrations throughout the region.

However, as the seasons change, so too does my journey. In the summer of 2024, Fairy Hair Sparkles by Hazell will be relocating to Miami-Dade County, bidding a bittersweet farewell to Lancaster County. While it saddens me to close this chapter, I am excited to embark on a new adventure in Miami, where I look forward to building new relationships and creating new memories. To the community of Lancaster County, know that you will always hold a special place in my heart. Your love, support, and warmth have been the cornerstone of my journey, and I am forever grateful for the magic we've shared together. Join me as I turn the page to a new chapter in Miami-Dade County, where the sparkle continues to shine bright. Welcome to the world of Fairy Hair Sparkles by Hazell – where dreams come true, one sparkle at a time.

"She leaves a little bit of sparkle wherever she goes"

What People Are Saying

Melissa W

I initially met Hazel at Funcks in Leola and thought I would add some sparkle to a rather dull winter. In the short time I spent with her getting my first sparkles I realized what a kind person she was and how passionate she was about her product and her clients. She warned me that the sparkles were a bit “addictive “ and I laughed but a year later and I am still adding sparkles to my life! I have had Hazell come to my home for 2 “ladies sparkle nights” and have also sought her out in the community. I get so many positive reactions from friends and strangers and I am always carrying her card and recommending her!

Erika F

Hazell did a wonderful job adding Fairy Hair Sparkles to my hair. The strands were so beautiful, and added just enough sparkle to make it fun. Hazell is clearly exceptional in her craft because 6+ months later I still have a few strands left. I look forward to having Hazell add a few more sparkles next time!

Elisa K

She’s soooo amazing!!! Very accommodating, VERY good prices!!! EVERY WHERE I go, people ask me about my fairly hair, they love it! Mine usually stay in anywhere from 4-6 months and I curl them, straighten them, everything my natural hair does! They’re just like my own hair!!! I take my daughter sometimes as a mommy daughter date, Coffee and sparkles!!!

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