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What is Fairy Hair Sparkles?


Fairy Hair Sparkles are delicate, silky, sparkling strands that can be individually hand-tied to your hair using a special magical tool. 


There is no glue, beads, or heat involved in the process. It does not cause any damage to your hair. 

The sparkle will last until that strand it is tied to falls out naturally. 

Fairy hair sparkle behaves exactly like your natural hair. You can wash and style your hair as you would normally. You can blow dry, curl, straighten, get color-treatment, and haircut with them in too! 

Who is fairy hair for?

Fairy Hair is for everyone! People of all ages love fairy hair. Some wear it contantly, while others get it for special events, such as; birthday parties, brial showers, baby showers or school /sport events. 

Fairy Hair is exceptionally subtle.... I have colors to match your natural hair color or if you are looking for more bling I have every color under the rainbow (and rainbow) which is very popular in the younger crowds.

What are they made of?

Fairy Hair Sparkles are made of a high-quality fabric that mimics actual hair. They are 100% thai silk polyester strands that withstands heat up to 350 degrees. These are NOT tinsel strands that you get from Amazon. These strands are the highest quality with the larges shade selection. 

How long is it expected to last?

Fairy hair sparkles is tied to ONE hair and when that hair falls out naturally, so does the fairy strand. I've had some tell me it last a few days (especially one children), while others might last for months! I always put in extra strands to make up for those that fell out quickly. 

Note: Fairy hair sparkles do not last as long on childrens hair. 

How much does it cost?


Fairy hair sparkles is just $2 per fusion (which hangs down as 2 strands). Most of my clients start with 20+ strands. 


*Additional strands included at each appointment at no additional cost to you. Many wearers lose a few strands initially and I want you to keep sparkling!

Children under 5

$1 per strand 

How much is a private party?

 **Birthday Parties: Hourly rate is $130/hour + mileage ( $0.56/ per mile)

Hourly rate includes:

  • Setup: I can bring my own table and chair (if needed)

  • 10 strands per guest, up to 6

Host a party: GET YOUR SPARKLES FREE (up to 10 strands)

Must have at least 8-10 guests in order to host the party

Contact me for additional details.

How do I prepare for my session?

Arrive 5-10 mins early to pick your perfect sparkle color. 

Please arrive with clean hair that is thoroughly brushed of loose or weak strands and tangles, and with minimal styling products. Thank you!

Appointments available - my home or yours (please note there is a travel fee)!  

209 Jared Way
New Holland, PA 17557